Learn to Lead with Love.



Unleash your fearless truth.

Your life is not a journey to get some where. Your life is a gift you are craving to share.

We are all here to live a life of oneness, by resting in the sanctity of unity and power together. THAT POWER is what is being called forward, and YOU are THAT. It is time to connect, lead and change the game!

I am with you.

You are a game-changer, an innovator and a builder of all things new that will uplift people across the planet. You deserve to live a life where you make the impact you desire that evolves humanity in a positive way.

How do I know this level of success is possible for you?

Because I’ve been there myself. I’ve dedicated my life to helping conscious leaders like you, who are being called to lead, connect to the truth of who you really are, honor your true essence and power, revel in loyal devotion to your calling, and rise up and take a stand for love in the way ONLY YOU CAN.

The way we connect, communicate and collaborate like we never have before!

About Tami

Even though I have been a coach for 13 years, I still feel like just a girl, from a small town who loves the country and fresh air! My personal journey of coming home to myself is really not that much different than anyone else. It has been full of struggle, twists and turns and ups and downs that have woke me up time and time again. I have found that the greatest gift you have to give is right there all perfectly wrapped up and held safe for you inside the deepest wound of your heart. Isn’t that just perfect! To unlock it takes just one key called  – Self Love. And so it all began back in my 20’s, when I was catapulted into a new life through an extreme and unexpected moment of trauma that began an almost 20 + year journey of studying, discovering and exploring personal transcendence, human connection and the unlimited potential that resides in my own heart. I found my true passion and calling through those dark and heavy times. I found the truth of who I was and what I wanted to live for. There has always been one word that has held the torch in my heart and that is TRUTH. I wanted to live my truth and I want to create a world where others are too. I see a world where people are aligned to their heart, and radiating their light and living connected by love and not fear.

I had been living a very dis-empowered life, I didn’t trust myself, I looked outside of myself for answers until finally I went inside and looked at ALL that was there. It’s not easy and that is where many of the strongest and bravest leaders get stuck. They stop inside the pain and turn away from their life, but it is here where the door to everything you need opens.  I am here to help guide those individuals who feel they are here to innovate, build and create a new world, a new way that leaves the power-struggles, the patterns of fighting for power, the demand and control of hierarchical systems behind for good.

I work with CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs and leaders of all walks of life who are ready to awaken to the truth of themselves, harness the capacity of love in their hearts and BE the unlimited presence that only they can be.

As an Olympic caliber athlete I have had the honor to work with some of the most incredible Sports Psychologists, Trainers, Spiritual Leaders, and Coaches on planet earth. Tami has a brilliance that is not of this world. She has been able to move me forward, like no other, at the most valuable time of my life.  As I passionately prepare for gold in more ways than in the athletic arena, she has been one of my most valuable assists in returning to me the joy of the journey. I am more powerful than I have ever been because I now encompass all of my trainings, teachings and experiences.  Tami’s fearless partnership has allowed me to see my true self and rightly see the edge I so desperately tried to keep.”  Brittany H. USA Beach Volleyball.

“Life is not a test, it isn’t asking you to prove yourself, it’s calling your greatest power forward, the true authentic presence of your soul.”

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