I’m Tami, and Awakened Work is how I guide conscious leaders like you to connect with your power and make your most meaningful contributions.

Together, we go deep into the whole of your company and give your leaders and your teams the tools needed to be who they really are so that positive connection, communication, and collaboration are the systems everyone thrives in.



Awakened Work focuses on three key areas that are essential for building an environment where the systems support the whole person. What you gain as a business and on a personal level is the same:

Greater power, equality, and freedom


with your confidence, power
and balance

learn to trust and follow
your intuition

rely less on your to-do list
and more on your leadership


with your team with a shared
respect and truth guiding the way

move through power struggles
and work towards equality

lead other with more “being”
and less task-driven “doing”


co-create with a team who is
on board with this vision

be an innovating & pioneering
powerhouse together

create your most meaningful
contribution as leaders,
individuals and as a team

Conscious Leadership Coaching

Awaken as a Leader

Individual Leadership


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Are you ready for more but lack the clarity to define clearing what that is?

Do you feel isolated and afraid to reveal whats really going on inside?

Do you feel undervalued, overworked and hungry for the confidence that you know is yours?

Are you getting caught up in power-struggles that lead to frustration instead of feeling empowered?

Do you lack the fulfillment and joy you really want?

Awaken as a Team

Awakened Team


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Are current behaviors, dynamics and structures limiting your teams capacity?

How safe do your team members really feel at work? Is there a relaxed flow of collaboration, shared trust and  innovating connection?

Are your team members holding back? Is there lack of personal responsibility and a desire to show up in a way you know they are capable?

Is there an energy of exhaustion, a lot of talk but not enough really getting done? Running in circles?


Working with Tami has brought me home again to myself again and again! She is so deeply present that she brings light to some of my darkest corners in a safe and loving way.

I have found more light, joy and connection in my work and I leave every session with the smile of someone who has learned a new piece of the truth.

Molly Strong

Head of Digital Product

To work with Tami is nothing short of a life-changing endeavor, one in which I went deeper than I ever had before and higher than I thought possible.

She is not just an intuitive, and a coach, but a powerful navigator – an Oracle to the True Self – which guided me through all that was holding me back, and led me into becoming motivated to stand in my true power and gifts.

Suzanne Lee

Transformational Coach & Author

I’ve been coaching with Tami for 8 years. I’ve sent dozens of people to her.

Most leaders are obsessed with leadership books, but what Tami has taught me is the answers to my toughest leadership challenges come from within.

I haven’t met anyone who comes close to helping me do that work the way Tami does.

Kim Harrison

Chief Revel Officer, Start With Why


You want to unleash the power of your people and you’ve taken crucial steps like clarifying your why, your values and vision. However, your leaders and each individual working towards the cause and vision of the company need something more and so does the business.


When a leader and a business steps into a deeper level of personal responsibility and connection the result is powerful. Instead of doing more, they are sharing more of their natural gifts and talents, communicating from a place of equality, being the presence that shifts dynamics naturally without effort, enhancing the creative momentum and impact. This is being in integrity and from here flows true character, value and the inherent virtue of our brilliant hearts. This is deeply fulfilling for a leader.


AND, It’s deeply fulfilling for the business, because as a whole company,


We are all here to be more of who we are, not do more.

Awakened Work can show you how to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate so you and your team thrive in a mutual relationship of balance.