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The impact you, your team and your company makes depends on your leadership.


You are an explorer of potential, an innovator in business and a builder of people, and you envision a future where individuals thrive at what they do and love being who they are. But right now, you are spending too much time in power struggles, trying to get others to realize their potential, and managing too much on your own. You need your people to own their power, trust in their greatest strengths, activate their potential in ways that allow them to take more self-responsibility, more ownership and authority over their work. You know…

Something needs to shift.


Most leadership strategies taught today keep leaders in the cycle of performance and achievement, keeping you in the DOING and the struggle to really harness your true power, all the while leaving out the crucial elements that really help you BE the leader you really are. Defining purpose, value and vision is important, but unless that’s connected and embodied authentically and behaviors change, you will never make the impact you are here to make. You, your team and your culture will suffer.

Awakened Work is the integration.


Imagine leading on a whole different level where YOU can continue to care deeply about others and lead with an open heart. Where you and your team create from integrity, collaborating from shared trust and equality, thriving in the freedom that allows you all to make your most meaningful contributions that impacts one, to thousands, to millions. I can help you and your teams integrate your greatest strengths and BE the powerhouse you are being called to be. Profit and production become the shared celebration when people come first. Have fun looking around, join my community of leaders and make a connection with me here. I can’t wait to meet you.

You are an awakener of new systems and ways of being.

It’s time to play in your magic.

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with your confidence, power
and balance

learn to trust and follow
your intuition

rely less on your to-do list
and more on your leadership


with your team with a shared
respect and truth guiding the way

move through power struggles
and work towards equality

lead others with more “being”
and less task-driven “doing”


co-create with a team who is
on board with the vision

be an innovating & pioneering
powerhouse together

make your most meaningful
contribution as leaders,
individuals and as a team

“The future begins with an innovator’s open heart and the most meaningful gifts you have to share. Learn to trust yourself, so you can change the game you are here to change.”

Start within

Empower a Culture of Change

If you are going to empower a culture of change, the shift is going to have to start within. When leaders like you stand in your power, you make your greatest contributions and can elevate a culture where everyone thrives.