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The success and fulfillment that comes from YOU trusting yourself is paramount. I know that whenever we question our life, relationships, and choices we are really just looking for a deeper connection for what is real and true. We are seeking for our authentic self, the alignment that is ours.


Sometimes that very valuable gift we carry can feel buried beneath heaps of pain, confusion, doubt and fear and because of this the power we crave seems to keep eluding us as work, at home and in our relationships.


In a Power Hour call, I help you navigate what is getting your valuable attention and help you redirect that focus and power on what really NEEDS your attention.

This will further your journey of living your potential and begin your process of letting go of the old patterns that seem to prevent you from living the life you know is yours.


It’s true, it IS time for YOU to start enjoying using your badass super powers to make those meaningful contributions only you are here to make. I know that NOT sharing them would feel like dying from the inside out. The truth is, who you are has always been designed to unfold, so I have no doubt  that becoming YOU has always been and IS your destiny.


I also get that some times, well maybe a lot of time we feel the complete opposite! You “making an impact” is the result of you playing and enjoying the unfolding, journey of self-mastery. Let’s empower the light in you so you can be the leader you were born to be. I am with you.


There is never anything outside of you that can stop you from living who you really are. When we make that connection and begin to embody our individual truth, the leader in you can begin welcoming it’s true power back. Get ready to unleash and live the life that’s yours!



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Awakened Leader Coaching Package

Leadership Coaching
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This package is built to serve the game changer in you who is ready for freedom, balance and truth.


The one in you who imagines basking in the fulfillment she knows is hers.


The one who is ready to give what she came here to give and have fun doing it!


So let me ask you:


Are you exhausted with power-struggles, and endless efforting at work or at home?

Are you tired of drowning in taking care of others, being over-responsible for what feels like others duties and over-doing it to a point of exhaustion?


Or maybe those results you had your heart set on are not happening?


When we are efforting instead of flowing in the ease of our own heart, it’s difficult to see ourselves and then be the powerful leader we really are.


Is the leader in you urging you to do something different?


Are you ready to shift and activate your truth?


Are you ready to make a greater impact?


Schedule a clarity call with me now.


In this package we meet once per week to support the awakened leader in you who is ready for more!


Hop on my calendar so we can meet. I am with you.

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Working with Tami has brought me home again to myself again and again! She is so deeply present that she brings light to some of my darkest corners in a safe and loving way.

I have found more light, joy and connection in my work and I leave every session with the smile of someone who has learned a new piece of the truth.

Molly Strong

Head of Digital Product

To work with Tami is nothing short of a life-changing endeavor, one in which I went deeper than I ever had before and higher than I thought possible.

She is not just an intuitive, and a coach, but a powerful navigator – an Oracle to the True Self – which guided me through all that was holding me back, and led me into becoming motivated to stand in my true power and gifts.

Suzanne Lee

Transformational Coach & Author

I’ve been coaching with Tami for 8 years. I’ve sent dozens of people to her.

Most leaders are obsessed with leadership books, but what Tami has taught me is the answers to my toughest leadership challenges come from within.

I haven’t met anyone who comes close to helping me do that work the way Tami does.

Kim Harrison

Chief Revel Officer, Start With Why